The Dragon Shields

Dark Age War Band

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Who are The Dragon Shields ?

The Dragon Shields are an early medieval Re-enactment group portraying Swedish mercenaries from the 12th Century. Based in the Norwich & Gt. Yarmouth areas of Norfolk The  Dragon Shields were formed in 2015 by veteran re-enactor and former Royal Marine David Holman.
The group currently has 25 members both male & female from all walks of life and ages from teens to 70's



Latest News of the Dragons Adventures

On the 21st of September 2019, the mighty dragons marched towards North Walsham to support the North Walsham Vikings Rugby Club on their first game of the season, to intimidate the opposition and to pillage the local settlements.

North Walsh Rugby SCARY!.jpg

Arkyn the Wild Boar frightening the Valkyries of North Walsham